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the world ain't half as bad as they paint it to be

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about ;; this is the graphics journal of first_love, which contains all icons, headers and many other things made by me. If you have an interest in my graphics, feel free to join or watch. Enjoy your stay!

rules ;; there are only a few simple rules:

o1. comment. it's not necessary, but nice to know what you guys like.
o2. credit either my personal journal, first_love, or trinketwood.
o3. please don't redistribute or claim the icons as your own.
o4. please don't hotlink.

credit ;;
don't know how to credit? look here to learn how.

resources ;; resources can be found here. if you see something of yours i have used but have not credited, please drop me a line.

affiliates ;; dothesmurf. tangled_wishes. spriinks. ruthenia_alba.

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